Stop The Violence By TB Films


3 thoughts on “Stop The Violence By TB Films

  1. Black or white wtf has the color of the skin got to do with the life of humans? Learn to get rid of violence to avoid bloodshed and loss of life. Those of us who still are color-biased are unfit to live as human beings. God save the downtrodden rom the hands of such misguided mortals! However, the ending is rather inconclusive..!

    • What I am trying to get at here is black ppl is always screaming racism if a white person was to kill a black person. But if a black person was to kill another black person it like an achievement. The world is messed up and it will always be racism regardless to if we like it or not. In order for things to change, we as people need to want that change and change ourselves. Trust me I am far from being racist both my kids and wife are white. I’am just trying to get other people to realize that it is not about color and hopefully my kids don’t go though what I went though growing up. Thank you for the feedback Mike7sedona.

      • All kinds of killing, other than military or in-the-line-of duty ones, is inhuman and senseless. Black or white, every man must pay heed to the saying: “Do not covet or steal what is not yours.” Life is god-given and hence, no man has the right to take the life of another man. May the souls of all such victims rest in peace! Carry on with your good service to others in need – all the best!

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