Dashaun “Jiwe” Morris by Tyreek Bullock

tumblr_m4y03y8Q3j1qbr8cko1_500I am always looking for new talent/stories to share with my viewers and Jiwe from newark NJ was something I couldn’t pass up. After watching his short film on youtube “Worse NightMare” made me want to dig deeper into the life of Jiwe. While doing my research I ran across his autobiography “War of the Bloods in My Veins” which had me on the edge of my seat though out the whole book. See Jiwe is a “Blood” ( Street Gang ) that went though so much in his life. From gang banging, drugs, guns, people dying, jail, and much more made him what he is today. When you look at Jiwe what I see a guy that is dedicated to making change. All we here about is the Bloods killing not only there enemies but also other Bloods. Jiwe wants to take the young generation of the Blood and young children and teach them that there is a better life the gang banging. That every time someone look at you the wrong way doesn’t mean you have to kill them. He wants the younger generation to pay more attention in school and receive there education. Jiwe went though something that some people couldn’t even imagine like, his mother overdosing, nearly death experiences, losing friends, jail, college, NFL, and more. Now I am not blood nor have I went though what he went though, but he inspired me to push myself to do bigger and better things in my life. It is hard in this world and seeing some one from the same state start from the bottom and is making his way to the top is a blessing. If you have never heard of him please go check him out. You can pick up his book at any locale book store, Amazon, or iTunes.



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