Em Aych “It’s Very Exclusive”

MH2There are lot of Video/Moive editors and directors around the world, but make way for Em Aych. Em Aych started out making MH DVD Vol.1 recording some of the hottest rappers, singers, and just documenting the hood of Asbury Park, NJ. When MH DVD Vol.1 hit the streets Em Aych career shot thought the roof. It wasn’t long after he started making MH DVD Vol.2, where he would take over by making music videos for some of the rappers out of Asbury Park, NJ. Creating a name for his self caught the eyes of some of the best rappers in NJ. Just to name a few of them Coach Gang Money, Filthys Really Rich, Just Soprano , Chase Fetti and many more. Not only was he making music videos, but he started feating on some of the hooks for Coach BWHY. After getting in the studio Em Aych started to cut some of his own records. The street buzz was crazy. From the hooks, to his music, and exclusive music videos has Em Aych at a career high. Starting from zero followers to over 1,000 on his youtube channel keeps Em Aych reaching for the top. Right now he is unstoppable. If you never heard of him go check him out at the links below. S/O to Em Aych “It’s Very Exclusive” keep doing your thing.

Em Aych Youtube                         Em Aych Facebook                         Em Aych Website



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