Gully GBCG Lambert from Jersey

Gully GBCG LambertI present to you one of the hottest artist out Gully GBCG Lambert. Gully is a well known artist in jersey right now. Started out from battling to making his own beats and recoding/managing all of his music from home. Not only can he spit but he can also sing. He makes music for the Clubs, the hood and also for the ladies. If you haven’t check out his album on titled F*@%Ever please go and download it now. As of right now Gully will be dropping another album in june titled Clubever. One of his hit singles out is H.O.T.D which he produced by him and has a video out on Dropping album after album the man is on his grind. Sold out clubs,  and a big fan base tells me he is unstoppable. He is an underground rapper on the come up. Gully is taking the game to a whole new level. Adding originality to his music makes him stand out more than others. He has been doing his thing for years now and I think it time for him to step on that big stage and take over the rap game. Gully is also in a group by the name GBCG with other heavy hitters by the names, Migz, Rasheed Rossi and  much more. Right now they got jersey on smash and if you never heard of them go check them out today. Just want to let the world know be on the look out for the next upcoming star in the making Gully coming straight out of Long Branch New Jersey.


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