From Gangster to Fatherhood

Love and his sonThey always say “Any man can be a father, but it takes a real man to take care of one”. When I think of this quote Tyshawn Bullock comes to mind. Growing all Tyshawn aka Love wanted to do was be a thug/gangster. At the age of 16 Love started getting involved with the wrong people. Becoming a blood was something that was always on his mind. He would do whatever it would take for him to join the Bloods. He soon begin to get into fight after fight to build a name for his self. It didn’t matter who it was if Love had a problem with that person it bad news. Love started to get a name for his self on the streets and people started to fear him. Not only was Love a gangster, but he also was a lady’s man. To tell you the truth that was how he got his name love. By the age 18 Love had all the ladies and he had a reputation that put fear into a lot of people harts. It wasn’t for long when Love fell for a women that will change his life for the better. While building a relationship with his girlfriend and her son made him realize that the streets wasn’t for him. He watch to many of his boys fall to the street life and decided to move out of the area that got him into that street life. Raising his step-son from the age of 3 months to 4 years old made him want a child of his own. At the age of 23 Love now has a son that is going on a year now. Not only that he has a job  and is taking care if his family. Guess you can say that life works in mysterious ways. He was the lucky one, but most of all he went from a boy to a man. What made him change and keep his life straight till this day was fatherhood. You can see in his eyes now that he is in a happy place with his family. Like they say ” Any man can be a Father, but it takes a real man to take care of one.


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