Short Story by Tyreek Bullock

The UnpredictableSlink and his brother pull up in an all black Cadillac. “Iight bro all we got to do is go in and make this exchange and get out. (Slink) “iight but lets make this quick cause this shit just don’t feel right. “I got you bro”. Slink’s brother pulls out a gun to let him know no matter what happens I got everything under control. (Bro) “Take this gun just incase”. Two seconds later a car pulls up, Slink and his bother get out of the car. (Bro) “Wats good with you?” (Dealers) “Enough with the bullshit lets handle business”. After the bag exchange Slink’s brother checks to see if everything is right with the drugs. Then the dealers checks the bag of money. (Bro) “We straight?” (dealer) “Yea we straight but one more thing”. Out of nowhere the dealer pulls out his gun and starts to shoot. Slink and his brother take cover and start to shoot back. The gunfight ended with one of the dealers dead. Slink and his brother jump into the car and pull off. (Slink) “What the fuck bro you told me that this was gonna be an in and out, why the fuck was he shooting at us.?”(Bro) “I don’t know, but what I do know is I got to lay low for a few days. Nobody knew about this deal besides me you and the mother fuckers back there. (Slink) “Well what about the other one that got away”. (Bro) I don’t know and I never seen him before, but what I need you to do is take the money and stash it at your house” They don’t know who you are so you should be iight. After dropping his brother off at home Slink sat in the car in front of his house to get himself situated. Then he grabbed the money and went into the house.


“Beep, beep, beep, beep” Reeks alarm goes off. He yawns then turns over to turn the alarm off. He gets up and starts to get ready for work. After getting ready he grabs his wallet, keys, phone and heads out the door. On his way to work he gets a message from slink. “Yoooo what are you doing tonight? ” (Reek) “ Shit just sitting home after work.” (Slink) “Iight do you want to hit the club tonight? ” (Reek) “ Yea I’m down.” (Slink) “ Iight 10:00 pm my house” (Reek) “ Iight”. Reek is a 24 year old black male that is doing something with his life. He is a full time manager for a multi-million dollar company. He’s also goes to school full time and takes care of his son and fiancé. Slink is also a 24 year old black male that works a full time job and takes care of his kids and girlfriend. Reek and Slink have been boys since middle school and have been boys ever since.

Ring, Ring, Ring “Hello.” (Black) picks up the phone. (Love) “yooo, the deal didn’t go though, after the trade was made kiss just started shooting for no reason. Man started shooting back and now kiss is dead.” (Black) What do you mean, I told him to chill with that shit, what about the money, did you get the money? (Love) Na, after the shoot out I jumped back in the car and left. Kiss had the bag and I wasn’t strapped so I left. (Black) “Shit, iight find out the word on the street so we can find out who it is. (Love) “iight “. The phone goes dead. (Black Thinking Out Loud) “I told him to stop doing them side deals”.

10:00 pm comes around and reek is ready to go to slink’s house. Reeks fiancé and slinks girl always chill with each other while they go out. After getting the baby together and herself they are all ready to go to slink’s house. Knock, Knock, Knock all you hear is kids screaming and the dogs barking from outside the house. Slinks girl opens the door to let us in. Just as I was walking in slink was putting on his sneakers. (Slink) “Yooo wats good?” (Reek) “Chillin Bro wats good with you?” (Slink) “Ready to hit this club up and relax for a little bit. (Reek) “ I feel you”. After downing a few beers we kiss everybody before we head out. As Reek gives his fiancé a kiss goodbye she tells him something in his ear. Reek looks at her and says don’t worry bout me we’ll be iight and they leave the house. Reek looks at slink (Reek) “yo wats good your not acting like yourself”. (Slink) “Na bro had a bad night last night.” (Reek) “What happened?” That’s when slink tells him the story on the way there. They pull up at the club and get out the car. (Reek) “Damn bro so what ya’ll gunna do?” (Slink) “I don’t know that’s why I wanted to get out tonight to clear my head”. (Reek) ” Iight first rounds on me we gunna get fucked up tonight and forget all this shit happend. (Slink) “iight I’m with that”.

2:00 am comes around and the club is shut down. Slink and reek are stumbling back to the car because their both fucked up. As they cross the street a car almost hit them. It was Love in the car and he notice who it was. He hit black up asap to let him know that he found one of the guys that was involved with the shooting last night. Black said to follow him and don’t let this shit slip put him and who ever he’s with out. Slink and Reek jump in the car after screaming at the car that just hit them. Black parks on a side street until Slink and Reek rides past him and he follows behind them. Slink and Reek pull up in the parking lot where they live. As they are getting out of the car another car pulls up and parks behind them. Reek and Slink pays the car no mind as they start to talk. Black puts on his all black mask and jumps out of the car. As they give each other dap Reek notices a guy walking up to them. Before Reek could say anything to Slink all you hear is “whats good now mother fucka?” Black pulls out a gun, Reek pushes slink out of the way just before black starts shooting, Slink pulls out his gun and starts firing back. During the gunfight Slink hits Black two times in the chest after getting hit once in the arm. Slink turns around and finds Reek on the ground. Slink runs over to Reek shakes him and tells him to get up. He screams again “reek your not gunna die on me tonight”. After a few minutes he knew reek was gone. “Sirens in the background” As reek comes to his last breathes he hears his fiancé screaming. He starts to play over in his mind what his fiancé said to him. She told him make sure you come back home safe and in one piece. I just have a bad feeling and I that you should stay home. Reek bushes it off and said “Don’t worry about me Ill be iight” and gave her a kiss. That was the last time she would ever speak to him again. The End



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