New Up Coming Rapper “Black” From Asbury Park NJ

Mark Bullock also know as “BlackMark Bullock aka BLACK” is an up and coming rapper from the streets of Asbury Park NJ. Black has been rapping since the age if 13 and since then has not stopped. Him and his brother put together a rap group by the name of Little Soldiers, which later was changed to Jersey Banga’s. Black started out battling people all over town to give himself popular. Black and his brother ran into an artist that was in the game for a long time. The artist took them under his wing and introduced them to life of making better music. After recording a few hit singles off of the album “The Last of the Dying Breed” Black picked up a lot of fans. About a year later, the artists decided that they needed to have their own recording studio. After putting out a few tracks everybody was waiting for the release of their next album. Soon they dropped their album “Back At It Again” put Black on the map. Everybody in the cities from Long Branch to Asbury Park were talking about the album. The reason why people became a fan of Black is because of his lyrics. He took what he went though in his every day life and put it into his music. During the making of their second album Black’s brother stopped rapping due to life changes. Black never stopped, everyday he would write down bar after bar and kept his self motivated. Years passed and nobody heard from Black. His brother went off to college while he was putting his life together. In February 2013 Black got a call from his brother about a rap battle league that was looking for artist to come out and show off what they got. The owner of the league set up a battle with him. It was only a few weeks away and Black was prepared. At the battle his opponent never showed up but the owner of the league still let him do his thing on stage. Everybody was feeling Black and his lyrics and asked him to come back soon. As of today Black is waiting for his next opponent and also ready to get back in the studio.


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